Behind The Scenes with Elle

We caught up with Elle during the new collections’ photo shoot to talk about what inspired THE BODY by Elle Macpherson Intimates, her role as creative director and the four models she chose to showcase her new line. Here’s what she had to say…

‘I wanted to create a collection that would tap into the psyche of women which is, “I want a bra that performs perfectly for me, I want it to be well made and I want it to be comfortable,” and that’s how The Body collection came about.

I am so excited about THE BODY, Elle Macpherson Intimates collection as it’s been a long time coming. At Elle Macpherson Intimates we’ve been really focusing on fashion and colour but trying to translate that into fit and form has been our goal with The Body collection.

I wanted to create a campaign for The Body that was about everyday heroes. I wanted to create iconic shots of women that were beautiful in their own way and were also pragmatic and practical, that looked at their sexuality from a different perspective. That’s what I found with all of my girls.

The campaign also celebrates individuality. Having an everyday bra that is practical, that is functional and purposeful. “I want to have a cleavage today so I am going to choose a bra that gives me a boost very easily and simply. It’s a pragmatic choice that doesn't make me boring. I can still be an individual, I can still have a sense of humour and I can still be unique.” I really wanted to create bras and create a campaign that celebrates our uniqueness and every type of beauty.

The kind of woman I see buying this brand is strong and she’s an individual. She wants an everyday bra but she’s not an everyday girl. It’s a beauty that’s about being an individual and I think that’s what a modern women is today. Women are beautiful in many different ways and also I do believe that having an everyday bra doesn’t make you an everyday person.”

The word that best describes THE BODY is effortless. By that I mean a sort of inner strength, “I don’t have to try to be anything, I don’t have to try to be sexy, I don’t have to try to be beautiful, I don’t have to try to be what you think I should be, I just am. I might be your taste, I might not be your taste but I’m timeless and I am me.” That is the energy that I feel the girls portray in these photographs and hopefully that I portray as well. When women wear THE BODY collection I want to say to them, “just be you, be free to be you.’

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Watch our interview with Elle about the inspiration behind The Body collection